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Empower Self

When one relates to one’s life with a sense of purpose, creation and responsibility, it lays the foundation for efficient  leadership. Some of the areas, which are intended to be transformed in “Empower Self”, are:

  • Create a powerful context with a sense of purpose and responsibility

  • Understanding personal values and motivators

  • Uncovering patterns & triggers that are core to our identity and loosening the grip of the same, leading to a powerful access to all ways of being and doing

  • Analysing the fundamentals of performance, communication and relationships

  • Learning the skills which can transform and support the new behaviour.

  • Developing deeper connection with self, family and at workplace & practically applying the tools of awareness in the workplace, with colleagues and team members.

Empower Others

Building a robust leadership pipeline is a key responsibility for Senior Managers. This module focuses on empowering people. It also enables them to be aware, to build responsibility and competence.


The Objective of the “Enabling Others” workshop is to equip the participants with the right attitude and skills to manage and develop their teams effectively.


Some of the areas, which are explored in the “Empower Others” initiative are:

  • The fundamentals of performance

  • How teams are formed and their alignment

  • The various leadership styles

  • Enrolment communication for leaders

  • The art of handling difficult conversations

  • Coaching for empowerment

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