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The O- A -R Model

"We see the world not as it is, but as we are."

-Albert Einstein

Some approaches to learning and growing focus primarily on action to get results. In case some actions do not work, a new set of actions are tried to get results, with limited effectiveness. Ontological learning looks at the source of powerful actions.


A simple example to illustrate this would be of a sailor who still believes that the world is flat and heads out to discover new lands. When he heads out to the sea, he is unlikely to go beyond a certain distance, having a fear of falling off. His body would be on high alert as he keeps heading further towards the horizon.

His capacity to explore is limited by his language (the world is flat), his emotion of fear, and his tensed up body. The language, emotion, and body are in a dynamic interplay and in coherence with each other. Together they constitute a Way of Being and the Observer that we are. The observer views any situation in a particular way and his actions are in a dance with the way of ‘seeing’. The results are in direct relation to the actions.

Shifting the Observer that we are, allows access to new ways of being and ‘seeing’ which open up new possibilities for action and hence results.

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