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The Enablers of Leadership Transformation

The Enablers of Leadership Transformation program is aimed at change agents, senior leaders in organizations, trainers, facilitators, counsellors and coaches who would like to work on their own transformation and also facilitate transformation in others.

The program is an integrated and in-depth journey of three months, comprising in-person workshops and is supported with distance learning. It has evolved out of the application of the LLSPL Leadership Initiatives, developed over two decades of experience with varied organizations in the country and across the world.

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"You have capacities within you that are phenomenal, if
you only knew how to release them."

- David Bohm

“Great stories happen to those who can tell them.”


- Ira Glass

Stories That Move

Stories That Move is a hands-on two day online storytelling workshop, which can help you get started as a powerful storyteller. The program is aimed at leaders, change agents, team heads, trainers, facilitators, coaches or anyone who believes that well-narrated stories can help you influence, inspire and impact people around you!

Spirit - Centered Leadership

In the present, we need leaders who are able to navigate through internal and external chaos,access their essence/spirit ,  sense the future and respond creatively to situations. Spirit-Centered Leadership provides an access to building these capacities with the support of timeless wisdom, mindfulness and somatics.


The program will be conducted as a two hour virtual session where participants will understand their personal triggers, associated behaviours and their impact, look at simple ways of accessing resilience, gratitude and contentment, learn some mindfulness techniques and connect with their priorities and plan the next steps.

Coming Soon

"What we need to learn is to be in stillness-to become the eye of the hurricane."


- Joe Dispenza

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