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e-SMART Facilitator

for virtual environment

"Great teachers are the reason

why ordinary students dream of doing extraordinary things."

Recent events in the world have changed the way we work, in so many ways. Online training and virtual meetings have become a norm today, more than a one-off phenomena…and will remain so in the near future !

It is time to deliver training sessions and engage in online meetings, differently : for trainers, facilitators and managers or just about anyone who wants to use a Virtual Platform impactfully !


Are you looking for a Program which helps you :

  • To get comfortable with online platforms as easily as a live In-person program ?
  • To ensure that participants are actively involved and not distracted as they learn from their laptops?

  • To get participants to discuss, engage , question and share prolifically?

  • To maximise the time you have online to deliver the content/message impactfully and in a short time ?

  • To make the virtual experience as good as an in person interaction ?


Then this program is for you !!


Announcing a Virtual learning Workshop: e-SMART Facilitators for virtual environment which gives you tools and techniques for maximising participants learning , virtually.


Our principle for enhancing training results for virtual training programs is




( *Adapted from the Magic formula created by Dr Palan, SMR Malaysia for Trainings )

e-SMART Facilitators for virtual environment introduces practical, interactive and fun methods to engage teams and individuals such that the message is delivered with impact, the participants are kept engaged and the barriers to learning in a virtual medium are addressed comprehensively.


  • Learning to deliver Virtual Training
  • Improving participant engagement

  • Quick application at work

  • Enhanced retention of content

Who should attend:

Any one who is aspiring to impart learning to others, using Virtual Platform.



3 Live Online sessions on Zoom.


Dates and timings: 

20th, 22nd and 26th October 2020

3.00 pm to 6.30 pm (all days)


Rs. 7,500 (Including GST)


Meet the Facilitators

Atul Jog.png

Atul Jog

Atul Jog is a Founding Partner, Senior Facilitator and Director of LLSPL. For the last 17 years, he has been facilitating leadership, transformation and executive coaching at the CXO, senior and high potential manager levels across various sectors in the country. He enjoys designing and delivering long-term initiatives using creative and impactful methods, keeping the training and developmental objectives in focus.

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WhatsApp Image 2019-05-08 at 11.58.01 AM

Jitesh Kothari

Jitesh is associated as a Facilitator and Executive Coach with LLSPL. He has been facilitating Transformational Leadership Initiatives, Executive Coaching and Sales Interventions. He enjoys bringing various methodologies alive through his personal experience and ensuring the concepts are simple to understand and applicable to life. His focus is on ensuring the transformation is sustainable and in bringing connection between personal transformation and business mandate.

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